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Meet Jillian Bowman!

Name: Jillian Bowman

Trainer: Nikki Taylor-Smith

Horses: 2 - Lil Miss Splendid and Miss Pow Wow

When did you start riding dressage?

Started being serious with dressage in spring 2019. I have dabbled in it previously.

What are your proudest achievement(s)?

Taking my 2 OTTBs through the levels & taking time to figure them out. Understanding their quirks and working through years of both horses having intense (and rare) medical issues definitely makes me appreciate some of the "smallest" things. Both horses were extremely green when I started working with Nikki (Miss Pow could barely steer in spring 2020 and is now competing third level). Recently achieving my Bronze Medal on Miss Pow Wow – a very proud moment.

What are your goals and ambitions for dressage?

To continue training and progressing through the levels. As with most people, I would love to continue up and achieve my medals.

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