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There are multiple types of dressage awards given by Houston Dressage Society (HDS) every year. There are also additional awards for HDS members from USDF Region 9 and the national federations, USDF and USEF. Here’s a brief description of each:

HDS show competitions​ offer awards, including ribbons. Every show’s prize list contains a description of the awards available at that show and how they can be earned. Awards may vary from show to show.

HDS Year End Awards​ are offered for both schooling show and USEF/USDF recognized show competitors. To be eligible, competitors must be HDS members riding HDS registered horses. Competition scores are tracked throughout the year to determine the year-end winners. HDS also
recognizes volunteers who have volunteered the most hours.

USDF Region 9 Awards​ are awarded each year. All HDS members are eligible. Visit the USDF Region 9 Web site for details. The three Region 9 awards are:

  • Horse Person of the Year

  • Group Member Organization (GMO) Volunteer of the Year

  • Dressage Teaching Excellence Award

USDF/USEF National Awards​ such as Rider Achievement awards, Horse of the Year awards, etc. are offered by the national federations. HDS membership provides eligibility for some of the national awards, such as the USDF Rider Achievement Awards, but other types of awards may require additional federation membership. Visit the USDF and USEF Web sites for more information.

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