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HDS Recognized Show Year End Awards 

The HDS Year End Awards for USEF/USDF recognized show competitors are offered at each level for Training to Fourth Level as well as for all FEI (PSG to GP) classes combined and all Freestyles combined. In addition, Year End Awards are by division—Youth (JR/YR), Adult Amateur and Open. There is an annual HDS Awards Banquet to recognize the winners.


  1. You must be a member of HDS, and have your horse/rider combination registered and paid.

  2. You need 4 HDS volunteer hours to be eligible.  People with extra hours can donate them to any other HDS member.

  3. The show year follows the USDF show year, running from Oct 1 of the current year to Sept 30 of the next year.

  4. You need 5 scores to be eligible for Training to Fourth Level awards, 4 scores to be eligible for FEI Prix St Georges to Grand Prix level awards, and 3 scores to be eligible for Freestyle awards.  The winner is determined by the AVERAGE of the top 5 scores at the Training to Fourth levels, the top 4 scores at the Prix St Georges to Grand Prix levels and the top 3 scores for Freestyles.  One judge duplication is allowed.  If there are multiple judge duplications in the top number of scores for the level, the lower of the second duplicated judge’s score will be dropped and another non-duplicated judge’s score used.  If judge duplications result in not enough scores at the level, the horse/rider combination will not be eligible.

  5. To be eligible for an award at any level, the horse/rider combination must have shown at an HDS show during the show year.  The top 5, 4 or 3 scores will be used no matter where they were received, following the rules for judge duplication, but if the horse/rider combination did not show at an HDS show during the year, they will not be eligible for year end awards.  A horse/rider combination would be eligible for an award at a different level from what they showed at an HDS show (i.e. a horse/rider combination could win at first level although they did not show at an HDS show at first level as long they had shown at an HDS show at a different level during the same show year)

  6. Scores for breed or age restricted classes are not eligible.

  7. A horse/rider combination can only win at two contiguous levels.  If the combination wins at more than two levels, the two highest levels will be used, with the lower level dropped.

  8. Score equivalencies for other classes follow the USDF guidelines:

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