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Application for HDS Recognized Schooling Show
The fee to apply for HDS Recognition is $35

To be eligible for HDS Schooling Show Recognition the following requirements shall be met:

  • Complete and submit this ‘Application for Recognized HDS Schooling Show’ with a nominal fee of $35.00 per show.   Note: Payment with judge’s names must be sent with HDS Schooling Show request form in order to reserve dates and have information posted on the HDS website.

  • No judge shall be required to officiate longer than 8 hours in one day, unless the judge has agreed in writing, and cannot be required to be on the competition grounds longer than 10 hours. Judges must be given at least a 45-minute lunch break and at least a 10 minute break every 2 hours.

  • In order for an HDS member to qualify for YEAR END AWARDS (not HDS Schooling Show Championships), they must have scores from 3 different judges (reference HDS year end awards criteria on the HDS website). To increase your chances for HDS member attendance at your show, you may need to select multiple judges if you are having multiple shows during the year.

  • Show management is responsible for enforcing current USEF tack and equipment regulations for dressage​.

  • Schooling show management and volunteers are encouraged to be aware of and complicit with USEF Safe Sport Policy.

  • Show management may offer other specialty classes than above (i.e. costume classes, jackpot classes, etc.) at their own discretion.  Scores from those classes will not be counted in HDS recognized year end or HDS Schooling Show Championship scores.  It is suggested that the Schooling Show management notify their judges of any specialty classes.

  •  Schooling Show Management shall submit the final competition score sheet with complete listing of ALL competitor names, scores (percentages to 3 decimal places) and placing for all classes by emailing to the HDS Schooling Show Chair within 2 weeks of the completion of the show for posting on the HDS website and for verification of HDS year-end schooling show award eligibility.  It is REQUIRED that you use the spreadsheet on the HDS website.

In return for Schooling Show recognition, Houston Dressage Society will:

  • List the show in the Events Calendar of the HDS website.

  • Post link on the HDS website (Schooling Shows calendar) to Show Management's website.

  • Post show results on the HDS website (Schooling Show section) if submitted by show management in a timely and appropriate electronic format.

  • Recognize scores earned at HDS Recognized Schooling Shows for HDS members for computation of HDS year end awards.

Show managers are required to submit scores/results using the HDS provided score template.  You will be prompted to download the template upon completing this application.  You can also find the score template on the HDS website - Schooling Show tab.

Classes to be Offered
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