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Member Monday Submission

The purpose of Member Mondays is to showcase our members and their dressage lives, not for advertising or business promotion. 


Please provide information that is not sponsored, business related, or otherwise something that might require funding to support.  Any logos or other placed or questionable advertisement in the photos will not be able to be posted due to copyright and liability issues. Note:  A "One K" helmet logo on your helmet is fine.  Pointing to it and grinning is not fine - aka, could look like an endorsement or sponsorship.

Any picture without a picture credit will not be utilized, watermarks are not allowed as well to protect that artist's property.  Phone pics and other personal media are fine too - your "real" life - or you can show us your show life with professional photographer credit emailed to us HERE.  

If you have any questions about what is allowed, please message the webmaster through the chat function to the bottom right.

Tell us about yourself and your horses.  You do not need to answer all of these questions - just choose the ones that appeal to you or be an overachiever and do them all.  It is completely up to you and your moment in the spotlight.

Upload your picture (one only please) here.  Png, jpg, jpeg formats are preferred.

Upload File

Thanks for registering for Member Monday. Submissions will be posted in the order received pending appropriate information provided and quality of photo. Thanks for sharing!

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